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These are the EXACT tools that have helped us achieve our

$3k/month Digital empire in just 3 months.

Get Leads with only 15 Seconds

Hosting Solutions

Whatever you’re selling, your website will  be the bread and butter.

Make sure you have a fast and reliable hosting provider. 

(Recommended) Siteground

Since transferring most of our sites to Siteround, we noticed how easy and quick it is to get set up. 

Using experience from all types of hosting providers, siteground was honestly a pleasant experience even in regards to transferring sites and doing basic set up.

(Affordable) Hostinger

I started out with Hostinger due to the affordability. It is a beautiful hosting service with awesome customer service that I realized I could potentially keep my websites on forever.

Currently, I just keep personal projects on my hosting site while my money-making projects that require speed and great performance are on my above-mentioned provider.

Website Solutions

Use these themes and plugins to build the perfect site for your online business.

Elegant Themes by Divi

An intuitive page builder with more than features that will save you from downloading plugins, which will slow your site down. 

(Freemium) Pretty Links

Need to make an affiliate link that looks presentable?

Pretty links is all you need.

(Freemium) Loftloader Lite 

One of our favorite things to do when creating a website is IMMEDIATELY upload a logo to make a preloader. It makes everything so official.

(Freemium) Jetpack

Jetpack will become an essential plugin because it will assist in streamlining optimization making your site safe and secure in less than 5 minutes.

Marketing Solutions

Your voice needs to be heard.

How do you plan on communicating and converting your audience?


All in one marketing platform for email SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.

Clickfunnels (All in one solution)

Clickfunnels simplifies a lot of the headache by making a presentable online funnel which, may question the absolute need for a site. 

The goal with click funnels is to introduce the product and get email opt-ins almost immediately. Not suggested for someone who wants to run a blog.


I would deem this as the clickfunnels of ecommerce. Although, you could set your product up with clickfunnels, SamCart offers the timeless landing pages that sell your product and into the homes of your audience.

Content Solutions

Content is king. Your brand will only get recognized by what you put into the world.

Be Creative and but most importantly, be bold.

Adobe Creative Suite 

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(Free) Canva

The perfect starter for building gorgeous graphics online. Even as professional marketers we find ourselves using Canva to design select few of our video ads!

(Free) Pexels

Is your content missing a little…umph? Try Pexels as one of the leading FREE stock image sources. They even have brilliant 4-K video clips all for commercial use!

Digital Product Solutions

Whatever you’re selling, your website will  be the bread and butter.

Legendary Marketer

All in one marketing platform for email SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.


Getting when writing SEO boosting content? Get rid of writers’ block and the need to constantly pay by utilizing this big bank of PLR articles. They offer incredible inspiration down to creating the perfect lead magnet.

Quickstart Guide to

Affiliate Marketing

Get Clickfunnels

Don’t have the time to sit and learn how to build a website? Clickfunnels is an all in one for those who’d like to fast track their development process and don’t mind investing a bit of money. Your success is literally one funnel away.


Join Legendary Marketer Business Challenge

With Legendary Marketer, you get access to top tier business consultants who actually assist in helping you discover exactly what you’d like to achieve from your business. 


Launch Ads & Earn

With the time saved and stress avoided, you should dive into learning how to market your brand and attract visitors. Fiverr also hosts plenty of professionals who will allow you to sit back and relax.


If I use these products, am I guaranteed to make money?

No. However, I’ve spent thousands on perfecting what the perfect marketing tools are and this is what we currently run and build on a 5 figure / month business.

Are you sponsored to say you like any of these?

We are not sponsored by any of these brands / products, however, we would like you to know by clicking and purchasing a product via our link we may earn a refferal commision that greatly supports the operations of this website.

How long does it take to see results?

Your success is not clearly defined. You must be patient as it will take time. In addition, don’t take on too much, you may end up burning yourself out and may feel like giving up.


What's the perfect DIY set up?

If you’re making your own website I suggest:

Siteground Hosting

Divi Theme

– All Plugins


as some of your tools to get started. This will allow you to build beautiful pages just like clickfunnels and at 45% of the costs!


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