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Doing Market Research As an Affiliate Marketer

by | May 16, 2020 | 0 comments

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“A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. It is also a small market segment.”

Basically, the reason why we discuss this topic of niche selection and market research is because you as an affiliate marketer or a affiliate marketing business owner will not be able to serve everybody.

If you try to serve everybody you will serve nobody.

Niche selection helps you define yourself that you as an affiliate marketer will choose a niche in which you will serve. This niche has to be aligned with the passions you may have, the problems you can solve for the people in that niche and the solutions you can provide.

Why is Niche Research Important?

Choosing a niche will help you go deeper into the problems people have and help them specifically so you can become the go-to expert in that niche.

Example: People who want to lose weight. This can be a sub-niche under the niche health. You can even choose to niche down further by deciding to help people lose weight by Paleo diets or something of that sorts.

Without researching your niche you will be all over the place trying to talk to different people but you’ll not make sense to the audience who come across your blog or business or your message when you show up in front of them.

Now if you’ve decided to show up an affiliate marketer trying to help people in the health niche, especially helping people with weight loss you’ll need to understand who your customer is, where they are, what is their life circumstances, what do they need help with, what’s going on in their life, etc, etc.

Without knowing who your customer is you will be pushing your affiliate products and they won’t buy. To save you time and money and the frustration that comes along with your affiliate marketing campaigns niche market research will help you define whom to target because you know where they are.

(We’ll discuss about conducting proper market research later)

Niche Research Tools:

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that allows you to measure the competitiveness of keywords before you write reviews or blogs around your affiliate products you want to promote.

It allows you to find out what other competitors are promoting and which keywords they are targeting and ranking for.

Here’s how Long Tail Pro works:

Source: Long Tail Pro

SEMrush is another powerful keyword research tool that not only gives you profitable keywords but also helps you track and check competition and find out specific keywords that you can outrank.

How to decide which niche is right for you?

The best advice we can give for you to pick the right niche is select a niche which you have some sort of knowledge about the niche you’re getting into.

But the most evergreen niches are:

  1. Health.
  2. Wealth.
  3. Relationships.

If ever you pick a niche apart from the ones mentioned above, you will have to pick a niche in which there is a huge demand for people asking or searching for answers to their problem.

When you type a question in google related to a niche, google shows you all the best answers and based on that search query you can understand the demand in the selected niche.

Look for Amazon Bestsellers you’ll see the best selling niches.

Look for the niches in Clickbank.com

Pick one niche that suits your passion and go with it.

How to conduct Proper Marketing Research?

In order to get specific info about your ideal customer whom you’re going to sell your product as an affiliate you have to find where they are, so you’ll have to conduct market research.

Conducting proper research can help you so much in your affiliate marketing business.

Market research is about knowing who your customers are and where they are. Basically your customers can hang out anywhere. They can be on forums, websites, social media channels, watching your videos.

You can research your market with tools like the one we mentioned above or get into each and every platform and research them separately.

You can also use Facebook Insights to know about your audience.

Here’s an example of the data from the Facebook about people interested in weight loss:

Keyword Used : Weight Loss

Steps to access Facebook Insights:

Log into Facebook.

Click on Create Ads. And on the Top menu you’ll see 3 vertical lines.

Clicking on that will open up a sub-menu which will enable you to select Audience Insights.

Likewise you can use different keywords you want to target and enter them into the Interests section to find out the market data. Now you’ll know who your audience is and what kind of products would fit their needs.

Hope you’ve learned a lot from this blog post. If you like this post, leave a comment and let us know if you have any questions.

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